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Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,

Narbutta 85, 02-524 Warsaw Poland

The Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering was established in 1951 as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and adopted to name the Faculty of Production Engineering in 1995. However, the origins date back to the nineteenth century, when it was created as Preliminary School for the future Polytechnic Institute. In 1829, four Faculties were formed, including the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with three chairs: Engineering, Machine Building and Mechanical Technology. Over the years, the structure and the name changed, but nothing, not even the great historical events, have hindered the development and expansion of the Faculty. Currently, there are nearly 3,000 students educated at the Faculty of Production Engineering. It is considered to be one of the largest Faculties of Warsaw University of Technology. Last year, we reverted to the historical original name. This name emphasizes the scope of our educational and scientific activities. 

The Faculty of Production Engineering educates students in the field of Production Engineering – comprehended as a combination of structural issues, technological, organizational and managerial ones. The Faculty employs about 200 teachers, including many prominent, well-known around the world - scientists and authors of patents and licenses sold to countries around the world. The Faculty possesses well-equipped laboratories, computer labs and research workshops where numerous research, engineering and technology works are carried out - often in cooperation with students of the Faculty who are treated as valued partners of professors, lecturers and assistants. Faculty graduates are highly valued professionals who receive recognition for their accomplishments in the country and abroad. They have a chance to work in almost all - even the most developed - countries. A similar model of education is also used in Japan, USA and the European Union and at the Faculty of Production Engineering. Presently, the Faculty of Production Engineering is housed in three buildings. Two of them are located in the south: the first 85 Narbutta Street (Technology New Building) and the other at 86 Narbutta Street (Technology Old Building). There is also a catwalk filling the space between the flanks of the New Technology building. The third building is located at the 2 Konwiktorska Street, where the Department of Printing Techniques is located.



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