Program of Symposium i4


Thank You for attending Symposium Industry 4.0, which was broadcasted online on YouTube channel:


1st Day: 9 May 2022 (Monday)

08:30 Registration
09:30 Opening ceremony and Welcome the guests:
Prof. Tomasz Chmielewski, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Dr Grażyna Żebrowska, Director of National Agency for Academic Exchange
Prof. Krzysztof Zaremba, Rector of Warsaw University of Technology

Session 1

10:00 Keynote:
Prof. Lucas da Silva (University of Porto, Portugal)
Research and development on advanced joining processes at FEUP/INEGI
Abstract »
10:30 Dr Mirosław Nejman, Dr Bartłomiej Gładysz (Warsaw University of Technology)
Platform-enabled kits of Artificial Intelligence for an easy uptake by SMEs (KITT4SME)
Abstract »
11:00 Paweł Pisarczyk (CEO of the Atende Industries)
Cloud platforms for Industry 4.0
Abstract »
11:20 Coffee break
11:40 Keynote:
Prof. Marco Macchi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Digital twins for operations management: research challenges and opportunities
Abstract »
12:10 Dr Fernando Castano (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
Digital Transformation for manufacturing SMEs: Some Keys and Enabling Technologies of Industry 4.0
Abstract »
12:30 Anna Gębarska (SMARTTECH3D)
Applications of precise metrological 3d scanners by SMARTTECH3D, in Industry 4.0
Abstract »
12:50 Discussion
13:10 Lunch

Session 2

13:55 Keynote:
Prof. Rodolfo Haber (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
Research Challenges and Opportunities of Automation and Robotics in 21st century: Some Successful Stories
Abstract »
14:25 Felix Schulte, Grzegorz Tomaszczyk (Beckhoff)
Levitating 2D product transport for the machine of tomorrow
Abstract »
14:45 Michał Kaczurba (Ilabo)
Why are you not producing effectively?
Abstract »
15:05 Coffee break
15:25 Keynote:
Prof. Francesco dell'Isola (Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Italy)
A new problem of old: synthesis of metamaterials. Theory, numerics and experiments
Abstract »
15:55 Michał Sadowski (Atende Industries), Jacek Wawer (Wamtechnik)
Presentation of an industrial deployment of a cloud-based robot control platform in one of the largest assemblers of battery packs in Europe for electric vehicles
Abstract »
16:25 Discussion
16:45 1st day summary (Dean)
16:55 Closing 1st day
19:00 Gala/Dinner

2nd Day: 10 May 2022 (Tuesday)

Session 3

10:00 Keynote:
Dr Tamas Ruppert (University of Pannonia, Hungary)
Operator 4.0 laboratory and community
Abstract »
10:30 Prof. Roberto Teti (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
Smart Monitoring of Machining: Trends and Challenges
Abstract »
10:50 Filip Bączkowski (Universal Display Solutions), Jan Rusiecki (DKR Consulting)
Personalized I4.0 solutions for efficiency and quality improvement, with an example of a printing plant implementation
Abstract »
11:10 Dr Krzysztof Krystosiak, Prof. Aldona Kluczek (Warsaw University of Technology)
SUSTAIN 4.0 – sustainable Industry 4.0 initiative
Abstract »
11:30 Coffee break
11:50 Dr Piotr Szulewski (Warsaw University of Technology)
Introduction to the implementation of the I4.0 idea components for SMEs
Abstract »
12:20 Jacek Wawer (Wamtechnik)
Implementation of cloud AI platform in SME - a case study
Abstract »
12:40 Dr Miroslav Dragic (University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Flexibility in Supply Chain of SMEs: Simulation for improving the business performance
Abstract »
13:00 Dr Jacek Kozłowski (Warsaw University of Technology)
Virtual experts, as a support in the issues of predictive maintenance and predictive quality in casting processes
Abstract »
13:20 Discussion
13:40 2nd day summary (Dean)
13:50 Closing 2nd day
14:00 Lunch